Moon Sign: Aquarius

Many believe the planets and the star affect our life. There is a ‘right’ time for everything – starting a business, marriage, undertaking a journey, etc. Read on to know more.

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Moon Sign: Aquarius

Aquarius Students:

You will work with complete enthusiasm and passion. At times, you will become grumpy because of the situation at home. Try listening to your mentors, and it will be better not to engage in any arguments. You will interact with people for your project. You may not consider studies. This can affect the upcoming examinations. You will involve yourself in learning new things and new subjects. You will stay away from home. Change in the environment will motivate you. You will be compassionate towards weaker students and spending more time on them. You will be very sensitive and emotional in this period. This can fetch you few enemies.

Worship Lord Saturn for good results.

Aquarius General:

  1. For the Aquarians, the month would begin with increased energy, confidence and spontaneity. It is the month for doing something pioneering. Ego, inflation and excessive pride are the adverse effects of this month and so be careful not to act in an overbearing manner.
  2. Partnership in business may be fruitful, but you have to be careful about ego clashes and misunderstanding. Do not be too stubborn about your being right and avoid overconfidence.
  3. Some may come across partnership investment on your way. Be careful to invest money on such dealings.
  4. Expenses may increase due to extravagance. Spending habit of your spouse will be annoying. Avoid letting emotions overrule when it comes to spending of your spouse.
  5. Social activities and friendship will be healthy. You also find pleasure in communicating with others. You will acquire a large number of friends during the second half of the month.
  6. Your relationship with family members would become less complicated. Your children would bring happiness. Relation with children would be good. The relationship with your spouse will be intimate and romantic.
  7. Short travel of spouse or partner would be profitable in the latter half of the month. Meeting with and advice of older people are beneficial.
  8. Relationship with women and friends would be more profitable than men during this period, but both are good.
  9. There would be an increase in expense due to luxury and entertainment. You may gain through artistic pursuit. People in the tinsel world would score well. Purchase of Vehicle will bring joy and pride at the beginning of the month.
  10. More chance for participating in the religious activity or taking the blessing of spiritual Guru will bring inner satisfaction and peace in the first half of the month. You may have the opportunity of doing charity and helping the needy.
  11. Be cautious while trading and investing. Take support from various sources. Avoid speculation. You may encounter massive loss through speculation. Health remains pink throughout the month. Some lethargy and fatigue may disturb your routine.
  12. Worshipping Lord Kala Bhairava would be favourable this month.

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