Milk Truths Every Parent Must Know

On account of National Nutrition Week (September 1-7), let's unravel the mysteries surrounding Milk – considered as one of most favourite and wholesome food in every Indian household.

By Dr Neha Sanwalka

Lagu is five-years-old. Every morning his mother lets him gulp down 250ml of milk in his favourite ‘camel mug’. The mug is the only good part of this not so favourite routine of his day. The same happens at nights in a taller ‘giraffe jar’. Usually, he dutifully half-finishes the drink and pours the rest down the drain if his mother isn’t watching. On the days his mother thoughtfully decides to chat with him during the drink, he ends up in a fight with her, irritated about having to finish it all. His mother assumes he must be tired from the day-long activities and urges him to drink his milk quicker, so he can get to sleep earlier. Those days are not really Lagu’s kinda days. He promises himself he would never do this when he grows up and becomes a big boy. (Hey, Dad doesn’t swallow that much milk!)

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