Military Museums in India

As we celebrate the 71st Indian Army Day on January 15, we take on a ‘museumical’ journey in our travel special this month. Join us as we explore the best military museums in India.

By Mandavi Jaiswal

2019 is underway, and how about that perfect patriotic start to the year? After all, January is also the month which brings to us the Army Day and the Republic Day. Give your child a glimpse of our military history by planning a trip to one or more of the military museums across the great country we live in. Let her look into the lives of our fearless soldiers, the weapons they use, and how they survive in the toughest of conditions. Let her understand how they brave the odds just to keep us safe. It will instill in her an understanding of their supreme and unparalleled sense of duty and sacrifice. Time to SALUTE our heroes!

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