Melt The Ice With The Warmth Of Diwali

We are so caught up in our own lives that we have no clue about the people around us. We drift apart even as technology ‘links’ us together. So, why not melt the ice this Diwali?

By Divya Sainathan

“Hi, Sourav!" A genial lady greets my son. Turning to me, she asks, "Are you his nanny?" "No, I am his mother." "Ohhh…I am so sorry. I haven’t really seen you around." I smile vaguely and ask her, "Do you live here as well, aunty?" Her smile falters. Her eyes widen in disbelief. She looks deeply offended. Was it because I didn’t recognise her, or because I called her ‘aunty’? "We live in F-301. We have been in this apartment complex for almost a decade now," she replies with dignity, and strides off. Reality check.

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