Meet The ‘No Food Waste’ Man

Millions go hungry every day in our country. On the other hand, tons of food go waste during festivals and weddings. Find out what Coimbatore-based Padmanaban has been doing to bridge this gap.

By Team ParentCircle

Rewind to a wedding reception in October 2014: 21-year-old Padmanaban Gopalan, an education start-up entrepreneur, already affected by scenes of hunger around him for quite some time, witnesses something that proves to be the last straw. At his friend’s grand wedding, he sees plates of food thrown carelessly into the garbage because the guests are unable to finish it. When he steps out of the wedding hall, an old, emaciated woman stops him on the street. She hasn’t eaten for days and begs him for food. This incident impacts Padmanaban deep down and he decides to give it his all to tackle this problem.

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