Meet Ravichandran Ashwin, The Parent

India’s best off-spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin talks about his parenting style, love for the game of ‘hide and seek’ and more, in an exclusive conversation with ParentCircle.

By Rajesh Viswanathan

joint-fastest to reach 250+ wickets in the history of the game in his 42nd Test, and an ability to bamboozle the most reputed batsmen around the world. Well, you don’t need a spider to weave a web, you only need Ravichandran Ashwin. India’s frontline spinner is also a fantastic dad with great thoughts on parenting. Just before the start of the India-Bangladesh Test series at home, Ashwin talked to ParentCircle on all subjects except cricket. Read on to know and enjoy the other side of Ashwin. It’s a ParentCircle Exclusive.

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