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Meaningful 2018 18 Smart Resolutions For Your Family

How many times have you made New Year Resolutions only to break them within a few weeks? Not anymore! This year, make SMART, achievable goals for the entire family and see them work like a charm.

By Aarthi Arun

Last year, Kavya and Naren came up with New Year resolutions for their family. Naren wanted to better balance his work life and family life. Kavya wanted to lose weight. They wanted their preteen, Vyas to try a new competitive sport. And, they decided to cut down sugary foods for their preschooler, Minu. They started enthusiastically, following the plan judiciously during the first week. In the second week, Minu managed to reach a pack of cookies on the shelf and ate them all in one go! Then came Vyas’s turn. He was not motivated to pursue any competitive sport, so he was still choosing a sport in February. And somewhere in mid-March, Kavya and Naren decided they’ve had enough. In no time, their resolutions happily flew out of the window.

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