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Meal-Planning For The School Week Ahead

Vacations are over and you’re gearing up for the ‘box’ing bout again. Let’s make things easy for you and your child…

By Aarabi Veeraraghavan

Summer’s gone and while you are relieved the hot weather’s behind you, the next battle is about to begin. No, we are not talking about the monsoons, but the lunchbox battle! If you are a parent to a young school-going child, you are probably familiar with this routine: the casual peek into the lunchbox as soon as your child gets back home followed by a sigh of relief when at least a part of the lunch you packed has been consumed. I am generally relaxed about my four-year-old’s eating, but I do worry about him having enough energy and nutrition to get through his school day. It’s not that difficult. You just need to say cheese! Here are the tricks of the trade:

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