Mathemagic At Home

Is your child running away each time you talk about maths? Time to make maths what it really should be – FUN. Our new series 'Mathemagic' is tailor-made to make math-learning a fun experience.

By Visram Ramachandran

Some children take to maths like fish take to water. But the truth is many children struggle with it. In many ways, the education system has lost its way when it comes to teaching maths. What should be a super-fun subject has become mere formulas and theorems. Well, we can change that. You can make mathematics enjoyable for your child by helping her find beauty in the subject. Starting this month, we present a brand-new series on how mathematics can become ‘Mathemagic’. In this series, we look at fun puzzles, sequences and games that can help your child appreciate the subject, and realise that it is not just about ‘incomprehensible’ theorems and definitions. Without any further ado, let's get started!

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