Making Memories of Milestones: How to Store Your Baby's Pictures

It is always a delight to go through old pictures of your children and travel down memory lane. Here we tell you some clever ways to store those memories safely

By Kavitha Ravi  • 7 min read

Making Memories of Milestones: How to Store Your Baby's Pictures

It is said that one should live for moments that cannot be put into words. The precious time that we spend with our children and the memories we make when they are little last a lifetime. Preserve them carefully in the form of keepsakes and you can go back to them whenever you want.

The first step, the first word, the first birthday and many other moments have to be recorded not only for your benefit but also for your children, so that they can have a pleasant time reminiscing about their childhood when they become adults. Capturing milestones diligently can also serve as a simple medical record which tracks your child's growth-related milestones. With technology improving every second, recording these important moments have become much easier than before. 

So here's how you can go about recording your child's precious antics and important achievements:


Smartphones have made our lives easy in countless ways. You always have one with you and it has multiple options to capture memories. You can capture photos, videos and voice with this simple yet powerful gadget. You can also delete anything that doesn't turn out well with a quick tap on the phone. You can also do some simple editing and add effects such as frames to the pictures through the apps that are available on your mobile.  

Smartphones are quite slim and light weight as opposed to the heavy equipment needed to capture videos and photos, especially when you are outdoors. So the next time your child does something cute, you don't have to run anywhere. Just reach into your pocket and capture away.

Digital cameras

Digital cameras are a great way of taking high quality pictures in different ambience if you are not happy about the smartphone option for capturing photos and videos. Besides it would always be better to have specialised equipment on hand when you want to record your child’s milestones. There are many models for every price point available in the market so you can get one that suits your needs. The camera will also serve as a storage device for all the memories.

Voice recorder

Most mobile phones come with a voice recorder or you could invest in one that's available in the market. You can record your child's laughter, her reaction to you reading her stories or when she is trying to say her first words. If you keep a meticulous record you will see how the tone of your child's voice changes over the years.

How to organise your photos

Before you get to organising your photos, you need to let go of photos which don't make the cut. Get rid of photos which are of a bad quality and keep the ones which represent the baby’s precious moments. Also remember to back up your photos without fail or store them in an external hard disk.


Scrapbooks are a lovely way to preserve pictures. A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) journal will give you the satisfaction of creating a lovely form of storage and will also help customise it to suit your needs. You can choose your colours and themes to match your preferences. Just remember to purchase acid-free, archive quality materials when you are making your journal to ensure that the photos get the best protection that money can buy. You can have scrapbooks only for photos and then put them in various categories so that they can be pulled out and looked at whenever you want, without a hassle.


Calendars are another great way to organise your child's snapshots. Your calendar can be a theme-based one or could just be a mix of cute moments from your child's life. You can add effects and choose fonts that reflect your personality. You can also pass it onto your child once he becomes an adult as a keepsake.


If you want to be surrounded by memories at all times, then framing is the way to go. You can make them yourself or purchase them from the store. These days there are digital frames which will not take up too much space and your will be able to display multiple pictures in one device.

Memories are precious. Children grown up in the blink of an eye and capturing every milestone is a must for the parents. These ideas will help you freeze that wonderful moment forever.