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Lol: The Lighter Side Of Parenting (July 2017)

Raising children is an uphill task, but there are so many joy rides along the way. Here are a few funny parenthood experiences shared by our readers.

By ParentCircle

In an era where teens easily get swayed by peer pressure, I wanted to be proactive in my interactions with my 16-year-old nephew. One day, I decided to talk to him about the health risks posed by alcohol. I brought out two glasses – one filled with water and the other with alcohol. I put one worm in each of the glasses. The worm in the glass of water survived while the one in the glass of alcohol died. I quickly turned to my nephew and said, “so, my dear buddy, do you get the message?” He said, "yes uncle. If you drink alcohol, you won't get worms.” I was flattened!

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