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LOL The Lighter Side Of Parenting (August 2017)

Parenting is like a crazy rollercoaster ride. You throw your hands up in joy and enjoy the ride most of the time. Here are some funny parenthood experiences shared by readers from around India.

By Team ParentCircle

I had attended several parenting workshops after which I considered myself a parenting expert. I always thought I knew better than others when it came to parenting-related issues. One day, I was travelling by flight from Chennai to Delhi. The passenger seated next to me was an 85-year-old grandmother. We hit it off quite well despite the age gap. She had four children and 10 grandchildren. I got excited thinking she’s going to ask me some parenting tips she can pass on to her children. Instead, in just one sentence, she put to rest my ambitions. She said, “Pramilla, if there’s anything you want to know about parenting, feel free to ask me. I can give you the best advice. I’ve dealt with 14 children.” So much for all the courses I completed!

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