Lockdown Lessons Lifetime Learnings

COVID-19 has redefined the way we live our lives. From mindfulness to minimalism, there have been several positive learnings during the ongoing pandemic.

By Aarthi Arun

My son went to a nature-oriented Montessori school in Chennai. When we moved to Canada last year, he missed that style of education and struggled to cope with traditional schooling. I saw that he had lost the joy of learning. But there was little I could do. Then the lockdown happened. I have never really considered home-schooling my child as I felt I never had the patience for it. The Covid-induced lockdown changed my perspective. I wasn’t left with an option. I delved head-on into Montessori-style, cosmic education. Now, my seven-year-old son does attend virtual classes conducted by his school to learn his math and language here in Canada. But he also has time for arts, crafts, and other nature activities like star-gazing and bird-watching. We have found our perfect balance! This wouldn't have happened if not for the lockdown. I realise now that I can indeed make a small difference to my son's education if I set my heart to it. Thank you, lockdown.

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