Libra prediction: December month 2018

For ages, people have believed in the power of astrology. One’s moon sign plays an important factor in deciding whether one is favoured by Lady Luck or besieged by failures. Read on to know more.

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Libra prediction: December month 2018

Libra Parent

This month would help you to lead a pleasant life and make gains. Your name and fame in social life will increase.

Money flow would be slow in the early part of the month. Profits and income will increase and your financial status will improve especially in 2nd part of the month. Family expenses will increase in the 2nd part of the month. New investments and starting new ventures may have chances to materialize. Some may raise new loans. Speculation may favour and bring some gains.

Cordial relationship with family members and friends are foreseen. Travels would bring happiness and will cost more. Spiritual activities will bring peace and travels. You may meet the enlightened master and seek blessings from him. Social activities may be fruitful and would give peace of mind. You may get good contacts through a social circle and make gains in hidden ways. Legal disputes would be favourable in the early part of the month.

You are likely to improve in your workplace to a higher position and negative effects will be nullified. Favour and recognition from superiors and government through your hard work is in store in the latter part of the month.

In business, you may face some type of nuisances and wasteful expenditures. Some people may switch over to other businesses or some may come across opportunities to enter into new businesses, but it is not advisable to start any new ventures. The second part of the month would cheer the politicians and government officials.

Love is in the picture. Romance will be eventful. Harmony and intimacy are foreseen between the couples.

You may face some health disturbances in the latter half of the month. Those who have chronic ailments may have to take additional care about their health. Some may face digestion disorder. Health of your parents would remain fine throughout the month.

Libra Little Ones

Too much thinking may lead to confusion in the mind of children. They may have to work hard to benefit through their strengths. There could be certain hurdles preventing them from achieving their targets. Study pressure is likely to be more for this month. They may find it difficult to cope with the tough situations at school. Even though there would be ample time available, they will not be able to utilize it for productive purposes. It will be good for them to keep communications with their friends to a minimum, as their words would be misinterpreted or it will turn against them. Gastric problem or digestive problems can trouble them. They should not over-eat. Some may suffer from eye-related issues due to much strain.


  • Worship Lord Hayagreeva daily
  • Take blessings from parents daily
  • Feed cow twice

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