Let’s Make Yoga Fun!

We all know yoga is good for the body and mind. But getting children interested is another story. A yoga expert shares some simple games to make yoga fun and engaging for your child.

By Rohini Manohar

As an adult who has experienced the benefits of yoga on the body and mind, my desire is to share this uplifting experience with people everywhere. In an era where childhood depression, ADHD and learning difficulties are increasing, it is essential to teach yoga to our children. It will keep them healthy, help them cope with stress, and cultivate inner strength. A lot of parents tend to push their children into doing yoga. Unfortunately, if yoga isn’t taught well, children begin to think of it as ‘boring’. This could lead to a life-long aversion towards an art form that has the power to make their lives better. It is also important to realise that children learn differently from adults. In fact, the brain understands concepts in distinct ways during various stages of a child’s growth.

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