Let Your Child Bond With Nature

Is your child always confined to the four walls? Is he missing out on the most natural human connection – nature? Here’s how you can re-establish the amazing bonding between your child and nature.

By Amrita Gracias

“When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength” - Maria Montessori. When the world’s most influential child educator says so, it’s something you need to listen to. As parents, our children’s wellness is perhaps our main focus. And, we constantly strive to ensure that their physical, mental and emotional well-being is taken care of. We turn to several tried and tested methods and even seek newer ones to help provide these essential requisites. But, in the process, are we forgetting the most basic and best source of well-being? Wondering what are we talking about? Yes, we are talking about the human being’s oldest and most natural connection - nature and the beauty of it.

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