"Let Nothing Limit You, Neither Hurdles Nor Responsibilities"

As one of India’s leading dietitian, Shreya Goel’s success story serves as an inspiration. Read on to know more about how she has used diet to cure many diseases.

By Team ParentCircle

"Let Nothing Limit You, Neither Hurdles Nor Responsibilities"

Today, with a chain of 11 diet clinics named “Dietitian Shreya Family Diet Clinic” operating in the country and with plans to open in Australia and in Canada, it is apparent that her method of treating diseases without surgeries and medications is working, and how!

Shreya hosts “Eat right Diet”, a diet show, and is the author of a periodical newsletter. She has a post-graduate diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics and a post-graduate diploma in Physiotherapy and Nutrition. This celebrated dietitian also has many awards to her name such as the Best Voted Dietitian North Medico pride and the award for Enthusiastic and Eminent Dietitian, among others.

In a chat with ParentCircle, Shreya shares her view on the benefits of following a proper diet and the harmful effects of supplements.

1. Tell us about yourself and the subsequent journey to where you are now?

I believe I was destined to be a dietitian for I love interacting with people and helping them get rid of any difficulty they may be facing. I studied B. Sc in Home Science and interned at the PGI hospital in Chandigarh. I feel that one should not ignore one’s dreams and this led me to start my own clinic when my baby girl was still an infant. In the initial years before I became a full-fledged dietitian, I worked with Fortis hospital and as a dietitian in the mid-day meal scheme.

One day, I read an article that said Chandigarh had the highest number of people suffering from diabetes in India. It was from that moment I decided to start my clinic and touch wood, I am happy with my achievements and am proud of the fact that I am North India’s number one dietitian.

2. Can you tell us something about your treatment methods?

First and foremost, I would like to mention that I am a clinical nutritionist, who is slightly different from a regular dietitian. As a clinical nutritionist, I not only work on the medical parameters of the client but also the therapeutic aspect. For example, a person who has a stone in his kidney might have a problem in passing urine. I take all these factors into account during the treatment. I try my best to treat patients without the use of medicines or drugs and rather, rely on a natural diet.

During my professional career, which has spanned over 12-15 years, I have undertaken the treatment of over 2 lakh patients. I will say my USP is treating diabetes. Even if the patient is on insulin, we usually take a period of 6-9 months to reverse the condition.

3. Do you treat patients who are suffering from serious medical conditions?

Yes, we do handle serious diseases and medical conditions like Down’s syndrome, juvenile diabetes, kidney failure as well. I would like to give an example of a patient who was suffering from chronic renal failure. It is believed that there is no treatment for this condition except to go in for a transplant. Being a firm believer in the positive effects of a proper diet, I started his treatment and from the 7 per cent chance the doctors had given him of living, it increased to an impressive 27 per cent.

4. Any funny personal anecdotes that you want to share?

Well, I have come across many humorous situations during my career. There was once a patient with a weight problem. I prepared a diet plan, but he came to me after a few weeks saying there was no improvement. Upon investigation, I realised he was having his normal diet along with the diet that I prescribed for him!

5. What are your views on supplements and ‘diet’ products?

Supplements and ‘diet’ products are popular in today’s age. Earlier, when there were few dietitians, gym instructors would suggest the use of supplements and steroids. Especially, in a place like Mumbai, this is a common trend. Gym instructors often have an agreement with shopkeepers and instruct their clients to buy only from a particular shop. They do not even take factors like the health or family history of the client; the age, the weight into account before suggesting them the use of supplements. This can have an adverse effect on the health of the client and can even result in severe conditions like a heart attack.

"Let Nothing Limit You, Neither Hurdles Nor Responsibilities"

People should ensure they do thorough research before consuming protein powders. They should do so only after proper consultation and under careful guidance. Another example of supplements – granola bars are not so healthy as they are made out to be. It is just a mixture of oats and dried fruits, which is either mixed with honey or sugar.

Remember, you do not need to spend a huge amount of money on health. There are so many natural ingredients that are easily available and inexpensive. Supplements and packaged, canned foods only hurt our health.

6. Many believe that having meals at regular intervals throughout the day is best while some say three meals a day is ideal. According to you, which is better?

In today’s age, people follow many diets. One such diet is intermittent fasting, which involves having food after 5 hours of fasting. The internet is full of various types of diets, which should not be followed blindly. I suggest a heavy breakfast followed by a light lunch and a simple dinner. Also, after waking up in the morning, water is ideal and not beverages like tea or coffee.

7. Your message to the readers of ParentCircle magazine.

Please do not blindly follow any kind of diet for weight loss or weight gain. You should try to understand your body and your dietary requirements. Try to detoxify by fasting once a week where you do not consume solid foods but have juice and soup. Above all, remember that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and vice versa.

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