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Learning Through Work & Play Montessori Education

This month, we kickstart our new series on different school curricula to help you choose the right 'school of thought' for your child. We begin with preschool curriculum, and Montessori is our first t

By Sindhu Sivalingam

My 2.5-year-old-daughter, Maya, has just started going to a Montessori school. On her first day at school, as I watched, Maya began to explore the space. She spotted butterflies in the garden and was fascinated by the little fish pond. She then discovered a child-sized wash basin and her joy knew no bounds. She went straight up, asked me to stay away, and began to wash her hands. When her facilitator called out in a calm, confident and loving tone, “Hi Maya, shall we go inside and do some work?”, she happily went inside the classroom without even looking back at me. Thus began my little girl’s world of independence.

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