Learning Out Loud

In our Learning Tools series, over the last two months, we looked at Mind Mapping and Colour Coding, suitable for visual learners. This month's tools are for children who love to play with words.

By Deepika Mohan

Ria rushes to her father as soon as he comes home from work. "Guess what I learned today?" she asks in an excited voice. Ria’s curious father listens intently. "Today, we learnt William Wordsworth's poem and all of us recited the poem in class. Then, during the maths class, we learnt equations which we wrote in our notebooks … (a + b)2 = a2 + b2 + 2ab, right Papa?" she says with pride. Her father cheers. After a while, Ria checks her notes and reads them aloud – she loves this daily after-school routine. While some children learn better with visuals and colours (as we saw in our previous articles), some others like Ria learn using language, sounds and writing. We call them ‘linguistic learners’.

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