Job Title: Clip book Creator

Job Title: Clip book Creator * Write and edit copies on a range of lifestyle...

By Shri Harini Media Ltd., Chithira Jose

Job Title: Clip book Creator

* Write and edit copies on a range of lifestyle and parenting topics for the website

* Develop story ideas based on user appeal.

* Curate content from various partners in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.

* Ensure content selected is factually accurate and is consistent with the organization’s editorial policies

* Adhere to the journalistic standards as laid out by the organization. Ensure editorial content meets desired quality standards and expectations.

* Demonstrate judgment in story selection.

* Use the web content management system to upload content. Quickly adapt to the various tools used for creating content for diverse environments.

* Work closely with the design and photo-edit team to oversee the layout, design and other features in the website.



Desired candidate profile


Experience – Freshers or candidates with around 2 years’ experience in a health/lifestyle website/magazine.


Should be willing to relocate to Chennai.


  • Should be very good at Creative writing and Ideation.
  • Should be computer savvy.
  • Should be a team player with a positive approach.
  • Willingness to take initiatives and own up responsibility. 


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