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Is Social Media Changing The Nature Of Friendship?

Hugs, high five, like, tweet, poke, BFF, LOL, ILYSM… the list is endless. Welcome to the world of the ever-changing teenage friendships!

By Meera Mathews Marrate

Maya, mother of two teenage daughters, is fine if her children use social media to connect with friends, as long as it is within limits. She says, “as a modern-day parent, you need to understand that children are fundamentally wired for socialisation. Social media gives them that perfect platform.” Maya’s good ‘friend’ Navin, father to a teenager, firmly believes that friendships should be formed on the basis of quality time spent together. According to Navin, being physically present for important life experiences is what really matters. Navin and Maya may be ‘virtual’ next-door neighbours and good friends, but they’re a world apart when it comes to their thoughts on friendship. Well, this is the new-age reality. Whether you support ‘Team Virtual’ or ‘Team Real’, it is undeniable that the nature of friendship is constantly evolving. But has the essence of friendship changed due to this evolution?

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