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Is Open Schooling Right For Your Child?

In today’s world, is open schooling still a relevant option? Find out in our curriculum series this month as we explore NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling).

By Subhechha Chatterjee

Scenario 1: Yamini noticed that her 10-year-old son, Dev, was finding it difficult to cope at school. Dev was soon diagnosed with dyslexia. Yamini pulled him out of the regular CBSE school and enrolled him in NIOS. There has been no looking back since. Dev is appearing for the Senior Secondary equivalent exam this year and plans to pursue journalism going forward. Scenario 2: Ramya started playing the violin when she was five. She was a child prodigy. Her parents knew that her career was in music. After finishing Class X in a regular school, Ramya quit school to devote more time to music. But she wanted to complete schooling. She considers NIOS a blessing.

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