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Deworm for a 'Happy Tummy'

While many of us ignore it, it is important to deworm a child periodically as it helps keep his tummy healthy. Here's more about deworming and its importance.

Dr D K Guha
Is your child lactose intolerant, lactose intolerant, lactose free milk, alternative milk, digesting lactose, wellness, Lactose intolerance in infants, lactose intolerance in babies, symptoms of lactose intolerance, milk intolerance in child, signs of lactose intolerance, milk allergy symptoms, lactose, intolerant, child, free milk, free, milk, alternative, digesting, intolerance, infants, babies, symptoms, milk intolerance, signs, milk allergy, allergy, Saravana Kumar, Saravana, Kumar
Is your child lactose intolerant?

Lactose intolerance in children can be quite worrying. This article explains the problem and suggests solutions in dealing with the same.

V Saravana Kumar
How to overcome inferiority complex in children,Parenting tips for parents,overcome inferiority complex in children,inferiority complex in children,overcome,inferiority complex,inferiority,complex,children,Parenting tips,tips for parents,Parenting,tips,parents,overcome inferiority complex
Parenting: How to Help Your Child Overcome Inferiority Complex

Is your child overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy, lack of self-worth and uncertainty about herself? She may be suffering from inferiority complex. Here’s ...

Arun Sharma