IPL Cricket: Kids Speak

The IPL season is here! Cricket enthusiasts of all ages flock to the stadium to enjoy an exciting game of bat and ball. But what about the little fans? What do they have to say? We find out!

By Team ParentCircle

IPL Cricket: Kids Speak
A young Dhoni fan on the final day of IPL

The IPL fever is full on! As the teams battle it out in the field to get the top slots, the frenzy for cricket is being revelled everywhere. Almost in every home, TV beams the IPL matches in the evening while some children make it to the stadiums to watch the game first hand. While parents stay engrossed in the adrenal-driven game, do you wonder what kids are up to during the IPL?

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ParentCircle decided to find out. We asked kids of all ages, what they love the most about IPL season? This is what they came up with. Read on!

What do you love the most about the IPL cricket season?

Viren Rajesh, 5-year-old, Bangalore: I eagerly look forward to watching the IPL every year because of my favourite team Chennai Super Kings. Also, my favourite player MS Dhoni plays in that team so it is a double joy for me. I like his style of playing and his hard-hitting shots. The bowlers I like are Jaspreet Bumrah and Kagiso Rabada.

Abhiraj S, 11-year-old, Bangalore: During IPL, I love the fact that papa gets so engrossed in cricket, he sometimes forgets to check my homework! Also, if his favourite team, Mumbai Indians win a match, we get to eat pizzas the next day! So, whenever, Mumbai Indians play, I always pray that they win. I only wish the timing for the matches were more child-friendly.

Sanjeev S, 10-year-old, Chennai: Rajasthan is loyal and hence they are called as Rajasthan royals!

Siri Basavraj, 7-year-old, Bangalore: I love IPL season because that is the only time all of us watch TV together. On other days, mama watches her own serials and papa watches business and National Geographic channel. And I have my own set of favourite cartoon channels. But during IPL time, we all watch cricket on TV together and I get to stay up late if I don’t have school the next day.

Keya Bhattacharya, 4-year-old, Bangalore: I love IPL season because I get to watch the TV with papa and he explains the game to me. Now, I recognise MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

Akshita Bhuyan, 7-year-old, Bangalore: This year, I went to watch an IPL match in the stadium with my parents. It was my first time inside a stadium and I really loved watching the game up close. It is different than how they show on TV. I also liked how people in the stadium made so much noise and waved flags. I too waved RCB’s flag. I painted RCB logo on my cheek too!

Manya Bahadur, 7-year-old, Bangalore: I love this year's IPL because of all the cartoons about teams, it’s so funny. I especially like the one where the animated Dhoni of Chennai Super Kings relaxes on a beachside after putting traps for all the other teams.

Samiksha Dutta, 15-year-old, Bangalore: I love the whole vibe of the IPL season. The eclectic atmosphere of the stadium, the funky lines that come on the display screen, the cheerleaders. I also love the gutsy anchor Mayanti Langer and the way she dresses up. It’s so cool.

Abhishek,12-year-old, Bangalore: I am not a big fan of test cricket and prefer the 20-overs each side format of the IPL. During IPL season, dad tries to reach home early, which I really like and we get to spend more time together. Plus, he brings home lots of snacks like my favourite vada pav to eat during the matches, which I really enjoy. Also, we are both big fans of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and even though, they have struggled a bit this season, we never miss Kohli or DeVilliers in action.

IPL Cricket: Kids Speak

A little girl cheering for her favourite IPL team

Udhayan, 9-year-old, Bangalore: I look forward to the IPL season every year as there is a festive atmosphere at home. The whole family watches the matches without taking their eyes off the television. While my mother supports the Rajasthan Royals, I am a big fan of Mumbai Indians. Also, during this period, I get to skip my tuition classes so, yes, I am loving it!

Ashirvad, 11-year-old, Bangalore: I make it a point to not miss any IPL match. I love the electric crowd atmosphere that is shown on the television and crowds chanting their favourite players name as that particular player comes to bat or bowl. My dad is a huge cricket fan and we even wear jerseys of our favourite team when watching the matches.

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