Inspiring Math Success For All

Wonder what’s the right way to teach mathematics to children? Find out in this exclusive interview with Jo Boaler, one of the finest maths educators in the world.

By Rajesh Viswanathan

Mathematics is about performing and not learning. Nine out of ten who read this line would concur. But, that’s not right. Mathematics is about learning and not performing. It is about connections and communications. It is about visual thinking. Over the years, even as the world made rapid technological advances in many fields, mathematics (at least the way it is taught) has struggled with lack of innovation in teaching. This is probably why the subject is often associated with words like fear, anxiety and failure. The phenomenon of mathematics anxiety is growing each day and there’s an urgent need to look at the way our children are embracing the subject. Who better to talk to us about it than Jo Boaler, the great maths educator from Stanford University. It’s a ParentCircle exclusive.

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