Infant Care Dos And Don’ts

Infants add so much life to a household, but there are various dangers they can run into. Here are tips from one mom who is trying her best to keep her little one safe.

By Divya Ramesh

My nine-month-old bundle would crawl with single-minded focus to reach any tiny speck she could lay her eyes on, and pop it would go into her mouth. When the refrigerator door opened, she would emerge out of nowhere. Once, in spite of my watchful eyes, she managed to topple a vessel on the fridge rack and pour cold buttermilk all over herself. Sigh! Taking care of your infant is exciting, but also exhausting. You need to be on guard ALL the time. It is easy to miss some precautions. We break it down for you and discuss all the steps we need to take to keep these tiny humans safe. Let’s get going.

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