Top Ideas For A Family Cricket Party

As India battles it out with Pakistan in the World Cup, get set to watch an exciting match at home. These party ideas are guaranteed to make the experience memorable for the whole family.

By Ashwin Dewan  • 6 min read

Top Ideas For A Family Cricket Party

In a country where cricket is religion, watching a match brings the whole family together. It’s the time when phones and tabs are kept away and plans are made to huddle in front of the television. And when the occasion involves the teams of India and Pakistan, then it makes for one grand spectacle. As the Men in Blue get set to take on Pakistan, ParentCircle brings you some exciting ideas to make this a fun day!

Ideas for a family cricket party:

a) Get your kids to send out hand-made invites to friends and cousins

In an age where invitations are sent via SMS and WhatsApp, a hand-made invite is a pleasant change. Here's how you can make one:

You will need: Paper that's light enough to write on, scissors, glue stick, stencils, glitter and colourful markers.

How to: Cut out a blank piece of paper to the desired size. Get your child to paste or draw her favourite picture. With a marker, write details such as the venue, the time of the match and what to bring (flags, snacks).

b) Face painting 

Top Ideas For A Family Cricket Party

Help your child paint the tricolour on his face.

You will need: Saffron, white, green and blue skin-friendly colours; an image of the Indian flag; brushes of different sizes and some glitter (optional).

How to: Paint the Indian flag on your child's cheek using white first followed by the other colours. Then draw the chakra with blue paint.

c) Paper pom-poms for happy moments during the match

Top Ideas For A Family Cricket Party

Cheer your favourite team using our DIY pom-poms during the match. 

You will need: Tissue paper, rubber bands, scissors and thread

How to: 

For cheerleader pom-pom: Cut the paper into strips, but not all the way to the end. The uncut part will form the base near the handle/thread. Cut as many pieces of paper as required to make a fluffy pom-pom.

For decor pom-poms: Using the Japanese paper fan fold technique, fold the tissue paper and cut it in half. Tie a thread around the middle of the paper. Make cuts from either side and gently tug it around to get a fluffy pom-pom.

d) A fun quiz based on both the teams

Throw in an element of surprise by making your child create a cricket quiz on the two opposing teams. 

You will need: Paper and pen

How to: Questions could be based on the significant achievements of a player such as the highest score, the year of debut or the first test. This can serve as a fun activity during commercial breaks. 

Match time hunger perks

a) Set up a popcorn bar

Both adults and children love popcorn. More so when there is a cricket match. Ready-to-pop popcorn is easily available in the market and with different flavours, you will be spoilt for choice.

b) No-cook finger foods

Every moment of a match matters and this is where no-cook finger foods come in handy. Serve pineapple slices and paneer with sauce. Offer cucumber and tomato slices with a dash of salt, chaat masala and chilli powder. Your guests will be bowled over by the sheer simplicity and taste of these items.

c) Healthy dessert

Roasted nuts coated with caramel or chocolate, chilled fruit slices and dried fruits are some snack choices for the health conscious.

d) Pantry must-haves

Keep disposable plates, cups and napkins handy so you can continue to watch the match undisturbed.

A match, or any activity for that matter, where the family gets together, provides many benefits. So, go ahead and make the best of this opportunity.

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