In Pursuit Of Excellence

This month, in Super 10 for Success, we look at ‘Pursuit of Excellence’, a quality that will motivate your child to live up to the highest potential.

By Kalyani Krishna

During the finals of the Champions Trophy 2017 against Pakistan, the Indian cricket team sorely missed a player like Rahul Dravid. Defined by his relentless pursuit of excellence, Dravid is a fitting example of an individual who believed in learning something new every day. ‘The Wall’, as he is greatly admired, did not miss a single training session throughout his career. He did not waste his time and energy on gadgets, brands or partying. Instead, he spent his free time either reading or learning something new about his game. Throughout his cricketing career, he never shied away from seeking advice to improve his game. Every time he lost his wicket, he would spend hours analysing his dismissal with the coaching staff. Today, at the age of 44, he continues to do all of that, even if it is for a different role. Dravid is what he is, because he strived for excellence all the while. Now, that’s inspiring.

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