Importance Of Vitamin D For Children

India holds the dubious distinction of being among the countries with high rates of Vitamin D deficiency. What can you do to ensure your child doesn’t become Vitamin D deficient? Find out.

By Divya Sainathan

Sharmili noticed that her 17-month-old daughter had trouble walking and climbing. She appeared to have a slight limp and was often swaying a bit while walking. She would grunt whenever she tried to climb up or down. Her legs were curved below the knees. Sharmili was told that her daughter’s legs would straighten out in a few months, but the curve became more prominent with time. Her active, playful and naughty child also appeared dull and fatigued most of the time. The shrewd mother knew the time had come to consult a doctor. A few tests followed and they found out that her child had low Vitamin D levels. She was immediately put on Vitamin D supplements. Thankfully, in a few days, the little one was back to her usual self.

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