Ideas For Dads To Plan A Great Mother's Day

As the father, what can you do to give the lady of the house a day off on her special day? We help you dads with some great ideas

By Jayanthi Madhukar  • 7 min read

Ideas For Dads To Plan A Great Mother's Day

A busy dermatologist once apologised to her patient for taking a call from her teenage daughter, who wanted her to Google a movie schedule. Apparently, Dad was too busy to do it. Mom did it within a minute and was back with the patient picking up the thread of their discussion from where it was interrupted.

That is what mother’s do. But that aside, a day’s break from all mommy responsibilities would be good for this full-time nurturer of the family. Think about everything moms do for their kids -- waking up at unearthly hours to prepare lunchboxes, listening to the children’s rants and woes, disciplining them, coordinating their schedules, nursing their sickness, driving them around to schools and tuitions -- all this require the powers of a superhero. The only difference is that superheroes are applauded (and they get to wear special costumes), but moms work their magic behind the scenes. Oh, it doesn’t matter if she goes to work or is a stay-at-home parent; a mom’s day is pretty much around her kids.

On Mother’s Day, we urge fathers to show their appreciation for the lady of the house. She doesn’t expect a lot, but there are a few ideas that will reach out to the star of the day:

Plan for some ‘together time’

A mom, particularly one who has opted for full-time parenting, may need some adult conversations (like old times) which don’t involve any topics about children. Take her out to a museum, a movie or a drive to a nearby destination. It could be a vineyard, a monument, or even a historical temple. You could even plan a day of city exploration, which could involve shopping at some unique stores. Do some research before you plan this kind of a day out and make sure you have entrusted your kids with someone reliable. If you can’t plan a full day, do something special in the evening. How long since you both went out dancing? Mother’s Day could just be that day.

Give her some ‘me’ time

A mom gets through a busy day, which is like every day, with the hope of some uninterrupted ‘me time’. Invariably, that is the time when she is too tired to be enthusiastic about doing anything. On this day, get the kids off her to-do list as much as possible. She needs to be fresh and energetic to be able to enjoy her free time. Planning your kids’ breakfasts, school drops and activities should keep you busy and her free to do whatever she wants. That could mean hanging out with you, catching up on errands, or just being at home in front of the TV - the choice is hers.

Gift her something special

Flowers and chocolates are mandatory. But plan for something more than that. If she had wanted to learn a new language, a musical instrument or to exercise regularly, this is the time to gift her an annual subscription. This gift will keep her happy for a longer time. Pitch in with caring for the kids during that time.

Help the kids articulate their love

‘I love you’ - this wonderful phrase becomes a rarity, as the kids grow up. Moms love to hear this no matter how old their kids are. Plan a skit or a ‘show and tell’ activity with the children and make sure they all say this magical phrase. The older the kids, the better this idea will work - for the moms at least. Be sure to keep tissues handy.

Here are some planning tips for Dads:

  • Start a few days before or at least the previous evening. Check what the children need for their creations, glitter glue, craft paper - the works.
  • Prepare a list of ideas and figure out what would work.
  • Guide your kids, especially the small ones, with step-by-step instructions to follow, either from the Internet or hobby books.
  • Shop for essentials beforehand, if your kids plan to cook something for their mom.
  • Keep them out of harm's way in the kitchen and help to tidy up later.

All this can be done by following dos and don'ts:

  • Do let her sleep in late.
  • Do make sure you do the house chores.
  • Do the required grocery shopping.
  • Do take care of all the last minute emergencies that only kids can throw at you - from finishing a homework assignment to getting a book from a friend’s house.
  • Do tell her to go out and shop for herself.
  • Don’t leave the kids unattended even if you believe that they will be fine.
  • Don’t ask her to choose from a list of options. Believe it or not, this one day, she shouldn’t be doing any such thing.
  • Don’t let your kids convince you to get her a puppy or a kitten. The pet needs mothering too.

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