I Don't Like My Body

Is your teen often bothered by the way she looks? Is it affecting her self-esteem? Don’t worry. Our Parent-Expert Series deals with this very issue this month.

By Team ParentCircle

‘Mom, I don’t want to eat this, I will put on too much weight and my ‘crowd’ will not value my presence…’ Well, this is a common phrase used in most households thanks to the ‘rebel stars’ – teenagers. During their adolescence, children, especially girls, start giving a lot of importance to the way they look. They can sometimes get too critical and harsh on themselves. A healthy perspective towards how they feel about their body is important for developing confidence and self-esteem, particularly in teenagers. In this article, parents express their concerns regarding their teen’s body image issues, and our very own Arundhati Swamy, Counsellor and Head-Parent Engagement Programme at ParentCircle, guides them with great tips.

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