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I Awarded Myself The Title 'Worst Mother 2014'

Here’s a dose of inspiration from Antara, who not long ago awarded herself the tag ‘Worst mother 2014’ but is today a guilt-free and happy parent.

By Antara Pandit

A five-year-old racing around in his red scooter, a two-year-old fussing because his Helium balloon is stuck on the ceiling, and a constant stream of chaos and noise from outside my home-office – all of these confirmed one thing – meeting my deadline that night was going to be close to impossible. Deadlines are at the heart of the writing world and I understand that a writer and aspiring author’s credibility depends on the ability to meet them. The challenge gets that much tougher when you try hard to balance work with life at home, irrespective of how old the children are. It is a crucial and inevitable part of the parenting journey.

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