How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

Animated cartoons and movies have been around from our childhood, thanks to entertainers like Disney. Here is a quiz to test how much your child and you know about your favourite movies!

By Kerina De Floras  • 11 min read

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?
“I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail
I won't give up, no, I won't give in
'Til I reach the end
And then I'll start again
No, I won't leave
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail”
-Shakira, for Zootopia

This is just one of the many songs from our favourite entertainer, Disney which can serve as a pick-me-up to anyone in need of inspiration.

Do you know Disney’s story? Walter Elias Disney developed a flair for drawing in his early years. In 1928, he introduced Mickey Mouse to the world, and the rest is history. Today Disney is a well- known company known for creating magic on screen for kids and adults alike. From its first full-length feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937 to Artemis Fowl in June 2020, Walt Disney has kept us entertained for decades. We have grown up watching fairy tales, dreamy princesses, valiant knights and scary villains. Now our kids watch modern variations like princesses with gadgets, a life re-imagined in the future, tales of kings, queens and genies from long, long ago – with the same magical experience, thanks to Disney.

Well, let us see how well you know about your Disney characters. We have here quite a few questions to help you know your ‘Disney’ quotient. Take this quiz with your children and let us know how you score. Are you a super fan or did you miss some of these details? Disney is known to have its fair share of secrets and surprises in the movies – some you might have noticed, and the others are here to sweep you off your feet. Welcome to ‘Are you a Disney fan’!


I promise that I will attempt all the questions in the sections below without peeking at the answers at the end of the article.

Section 1 - Name your favourite character


a. With the clues given for each question, find the Disney character

b. For each character you guess right with the first two clues, score yourself 2 points

c. If you take more than two clues to find, score yourself 1 point

1. The Persistent Lassie

a. She lives in a village by the sea with her family

b. Becomes friends with a demi-god in an attempt to save her village

c. Sails the seas with her pet, Heihei, in search of a fish-hook

d. Restores Te Fiti’s heart and leads her people on voyages

2. The Cursed One

a. Born with a silver spoon, but cursed for his selfishness

b. Falls in love with a book-loving young girl who wants to save her father

c. Lives the life of a monster, with his talking candelabra footman, feather duster maid and talking clock

d. Marries the girl who breaks his curse and sets him free

3. The Man-Cub

a. Man-cub who lives in the woods with his friends

b. Befriends a bear who gives him a place to stay in return for honey

c. Trapped by King Louie who years for the ‘red flower’

d. Fights and wins against Shere Khan and protects his friends and their home

4. The Explorer

a. Aspiring explorer who promises to take his wife to Paradise Falls

b. Converts his house into a makeshift airship for his adventure

c. Rescues a giant bird and her chicks along with a younger explorer and a dog

d. His house lands at Paradise Falls with the help of the helium balloons he attaches to it

5. The Free-Spirited Princess

a. Young princess who loves riding in the woods and is caught breaking the rules

b. Beats the suitors who seek her hand in marriage in an archery contest

c. Mistakenly changes her mother into a bear with an enchanted cake

d. Mends the curse torn by pride and saves her mother with the help of her triplet brothers

Section 2 – Disney Easter Eggs

What is an Easter Egg?

Easter eggs are hidden references to movies or characters from another movie.


a. In each Disney scene, guess the reference to another Disney movie

b. For each right answer, score yourself 5 points

1. Find the popular Disney princess in this picture who is seen entering the castle to attend Elsa’s coronation in the movie ‘Frozen’.

Hint: The Princess is saved by the man she loves by cutting her long, golden hair.

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

2. In this scene from the movie ‘101 Dalmatians’, do you see the outlines of two dogs who appear in another well-known Disney movie?

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

3. Here is someone familiar on the ‘Wanted’ list pinned in the notice board seen in this police station from ‘Big Hero 6’.  

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

4. Spot the famous Space Ranger superhero toy lying on the floor of the Dentist office, from where Nemo is trying to escape in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’. 

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

5. In the song ‘Trashin’ the camp’ from the movie ‘Tarzan’, Terk drums on a familiar-looking tea set – a big kettle and a cup with a chipped end. Can you guess them?

Hint: They are featured as talking cutlery in another Disney movie. 

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

6. Disney gives a nod to another princess in this scene from ‘Tangled’. Do you spot the object that sent her into a deep sleep?

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

7. Lilo seems to be inspired by Disney too, as seen from this scene from ‘Lilo and Stitch’. Check out the poster by her bed to find who we are talking about. 

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

8. Moana sets out on her boat along with rations. We noticed a nod to a character from ‘Frozen’, stashed away along with the rest of her things on the boat. Can you find him?

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

Section 3 – Amazing Facts For You

The questions are done, so grab your popcorn for some real entertainment! It is now time for some facts about your favourite entertainer! 

1. Mickey was originally named Mortimer Mouse by Walt Disney. It was actually his wife, Lillian who suggest Mickey. 

2. In 1944, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves became the first film to release a soundtrack

3. At just 64 minutes long, Dumbo (1941) is Disney’s shortest feature film

4. 'Man is in the forest' was a code used by animators to warn colleagues to get back to work when Walt Disney was coming. 

5. Mickey Mouse was the first animated character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

6. The voices behind the world’s most famous mice, Mickey and Minnie got hitched in real life! Wayne Allwine (Mickey) and Russi Taylor (Minnie) worked together, fell in love, and as they say, lived happily ever after.

7. Walt Disney has a secret apartment in Disneyland. It's located above the Main Street USA fire station — and it's still there! Guests can take a tour to see it too.

8. The Disneyland castle was inspired by the one in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ (1959). Although the park opened four years before the movie was released, the designs were used to build the iconic castle.

9. Walt Disney’s favourite animation was Cinderella’s dress transformation for the ball. Don’t we all love it too?

10. WALL-E, the famous waste collecting robot was named after Walter Elias Disney.

11. The Rock, who voices Maui, comes from a long line of Samoan wrestlers. The appearance of Maui in the film was based on The Rock's grandfather, as quoted by the actor.

12. The Snow Queen, the Hans Christian Andersen story on which Frozen is based, was first put into development by Walt Disney in 1939.

13. In the movie ‘The Incredibles’, Dash’s voice actor, Spencer Fox had to run laps around the studio to make it sound like Dash was out of breath!

14. We all wish we had Rapunzel’s long, golden hair. In real life, that would be more than 70 feet long!

15. Boo from Monsters, Inc. has a real name – it’s Mary! You can see it written on the top of her drawing sheet.

You are officially Disney’s biggest fan if you attempted this quiz, so go ahead and check your answers, and be prepared to be mind-blown! We wish you have a magical journey and your kind of happily ever after.


Section 1:

1. Moana

2. The Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

3. Mowgli

4. Carl Fredricksen from ‘Up’

5. Merida from ‘Brave’ 

Section 2:

1. Rapunzel from ‘Tangled’

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

2. Lady and Tramp 

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

3. Prince Hans from ‘Frozen’

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

4. Buzz Lightyear from ‘Toy Story’

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

5. Mrs. Potts and Chip from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

6. The spinning wheel from ‘Sleeping Beauty’

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

7. Mulan poster in the room

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

8. Olaf’s carrot nose and twig hand

How Well Do You Know These Animated Movies?

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Written by Kerina De Floras on 16 July 2020. 

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