How To Throw A Frozen Theme Birthday Party

Is your child in love with Frozen? If you want a themed birthday party for her, here are some ideas to plan the ultimate magical Frozen birthday party that your child will cherish for years to come.

By Sarika Chuni  • 11 min read

How To Throw A Frozen Theme Birthday Party

We all know about the extremely popular Disney movie – Frozen, a world-wide obsession with young kids, especially girls, since its release in 2013. With Frozen 2 having been released this November, children get to fall in love with Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the magical city of Arendelle all over again.

As the frenzy for the movie is refusing to fade, now is the right time to plan a Frozen-themed birthday party for your girl that she will recall with fondness for years to come.

Google for party ideas, and you are bombarded with thousands of ideas that either seem out of your budget or just too time consuming. Having planned a Frozen theme party for my niece Inaya, let me assure you that with a little forethought and simple DIY tricks, you can throw the most fabulous party this side of Arendelle! And this need not be expensive, you can still do it within a budget.

Do you know that planning for your child’s birthday could be turned into a bonding time? And planning can start a month in advance. If you little munchkin is asking for one, just sit her down for a talk to understand what her expectations are and what you can do. So, what are you waiting for, involve your girl in the planning process and have a good time with her discussing about every aspect of the party, from décor to invite. However, this would be meaningful if your daughter is three years and above.

Party invite:

The first and the simplest thing you can tick off your list is the party invite.

Time Frame:

Try to send out party invite at least 10 days before the birthday party. This way both guests and host can prepare well for the party. Here are some fun and easy tips:

  • Go for an eco-friendly paperless invite and send off customised e-invites.
  • Want to send handmade DIY paper invites that your daughter and her friends can use as a keepsake in their scrapbooks? Download some free printable Frozen colour pages from the net and make some cute party invite.
  • If you’re strapped for time and want to send invites the old-fashioned way, you can always head on to online shopping websites that have tons of options on birthday party invites
  • If you want to stay with the theme, you can ask the invited kids to come dressed in blue, white and silver, the colours of the Frozen theme.

Party décor:

How To Throw A Frozen Theme Birthday Party

Go all out with your Frozen-themed party décor. Let your creative side a free rein and come up with innovative but easy-to-do decor. We give you some ideas to get started.

Time frame:

If you are organising the party at home, make sure you have all the supplies before you start decorating. Just one or two days prior to the day, decorate the house to welcome the party.

• Birthday banner: For Birthday banner, either make it yourself by cutting out the letters of your child’s name and paint it in shades of blue and white along with Happy Birthday banner. Or else order it online.

• Snowflakes all around: Cut snowflakes out using paper and hang them up on the ceiling using invisible kite strings. Or order from here. 

• Light it up: Make ample use of the blue and white lights from your Diwali decorations and hang them up over the entry way, around the room.

• Bluish all over: Cover plain glasses with blue cellophane and put battery operated tea-lights in them around the room.

• Fish bowl turned Frozen: If you happen to have a giant fish-bowl or even a regular glass mixing bowl, fill it up with candies wrapped in blue and white cellophane.

• Snowflake rangoli: Use blue and white powder to make snowflake rangoli around your door. You can even use chalk in case you don’t want excited child to ruin your hard work all too soon!

• Themed confetti: Either make simple confetti by cutting blue and white crepe paper in small pieces, or take the easy way out by purchasing a readymade snowflake confetti pack. Place these pieces of confetti over the fan blades. At your chosen strategically planned moment, switch the fans on and watch it snow! Messy but the children would love it!

• Snowflake dotted tablecloth and napkins: Use a snowflake shape punch to cut out small snowflakes that you can stick on the tablecloth and pin the napkins up with.

Frozen photo booth:

Make some photo booth props like reindeer hats, Olaf musk, snowy white sash to keep in the photo booth. Also, make some placards with Let it Go, The Next Right Thing, Into The Unknown written on it for your little guests to pose and click.

Party dress:

Get the birthday girl decked up in her favourite character’s costume. You can get readymade dresses such as this online.

Or you can put your crafty side to work and create a simple dress out of any blue gown your girl might have lying around.

Instead of the regular cone hats, presentthemed party hats for all your little guests. They will love it! This can be given as party favours as well.

Why just the birthday girl? Parents can wear blue and white colour-coordinated clothes to go with the theme.

For accessories, birthday girl or siblings, you can check out stores for hair bands, bangles, bracelet, shoes which are in silver colour or in shades of blue.

Time frame:

Whether you are ordering online or making something on your own, keep the dress for your little princess ready at least five days before the D day. Always check for fittings.

Frozen theme party games:

Now we get to the most exciting but equally tricky part – the party games. Party games can make or break a party. Here are some cool ideas for you to take a cue:

Time frame:

Keep all the supplies needed for the games ready to get it rolling a day prior to the party.

• Snowball treasure hunt: For this game, you need to hide lots of cotton balls around the party area. Make up some riddles or give your children a puzzle to solve that helps them get to the next clue and collect the ‘snowball’. The one with the maximum balls wins!

Age group: 5 years and up.

• Pin the carrot on Olaf’s nose: Print out a nice A3 size poster of Olaf. Blindfold the participants and ask them to pin the nose on Olaf.

Age group: 3 years and up

• The Bubble game: Make bubble wands out of blue pipe cleaners and a blue soap solution. Get the children to blow bubbles through a giant blue and white hoop. The one who gets the maximum bubbles through the hoop in a minute wins!

Age group: 5 years and up

• Shovel the snow: Give the invited children a small broom and put some white ping-pong balls, large foam peanuts or cottons on one side of the room. Their task is to herd their snow with a broom to the other side.

Age group: 4 years and up

• Jigsaw puzzle with Anna, Elsa and Olaf: Print pictures of Anna, Elsa or Olaf and cut these into big pieces and ask your tiny guests to put it together.

Age group: 3 years and up

Frozen themed cake and food:

How To Throw A Frozen Theme Birthday Party

Besides getting the birthday cake made in a Frozen theme, there are a lot of other Frozen theme food items you can create for your kid’s party:

• Ice lollies: If your party is in the Summer season, get your ice shaver out and make some delicious Ice golas/lollies with a blue colour flavour topping. Get a blue soft drink like Mountain dew and freeze it into ice lollies.

• Snowball popcorn: Dip good old-fashioned popcorn into melted white chocolate and roll it around in blue ice cream sprinkles.

• Melted Olaf cups: Here’s a healthy snack that the fellow parents will just love you for. Pour some yoghurt into small transparent cups. Top it off with some antler-shaped frozen pieces of chocolate and a piece of dried apricot for Olaf’s nose.

• Idli snowmen: Good old idli can be Frozen themed too! Put almonds in the middle of your idlis and make an almond nose. You can also use two cloves for Olaf’s eyes.

Return gifts:

Return gifts are the most awaited items in any children’s birthday party. Markets are flooded with Frozen-themed return gift merchandise. However, try to pick eco-friendly items which are usable. You can pick from stationery items, school supplies, water bottles. Avoid shiny plastic gift wrappers and try to wrap in paper or old newspaper. Here are some other options.

  • Stick snowflakes on blue paper bags, or Olaf nose and eyes on a white paper bag or just paste regular frozen stickers on the return gift bags.
  • If all this seems like a lot of work, you can always purchase scores of Frozen-themed merchandise online.

Children specially love themed birthday parties and Frozen is one of the most common birthday party themes for little girls, However, don’t worry if it is done to death, with your creativity and imagination, you can still add your own touch to it and make it enjoyable for all the little guests of the party. Use these tips as a starting point and unleash your imagination to create the most magical party fit for your ice princess. 

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About the author:

Written by Sarika Chuni on 19 December 2019.

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