How To Plan A Trip To Komodo Island With Your Kids

A visit to Komodo is a memory that would stay with you forever. Apart from watching the Komodo dragons, there are a number of sights and activities you could enjoy together as a family.

By Katie Brown

How To Plan A Trip To Komodo Island With Your Kids

There is something quite special about Komodo. It’s a place on earth like no other. The landscape is harsh yet beautiful, lonely but full of life.

There is so much to do and see, from snorkelling with sea turtles, hiking through the jungle and, of course, seeing the native Komodo dragons.

Komodo is an island of untouched perfection, and a visit here is a memory that stays with you forever. As jaw-dropping as it is, you will certainly be surprised by the answers to these questions — What is the best way to travel to Komodo with children? Where are the best places to stay with children in Komodo? What are the activities that children can enjoy doing in Komodo? Can children get close to the Komodo dragons? So, brace yourself for the upcoming adventure of a lifetime.

What is the best way to travel to Komodo with children?

Komodo is an isolated island that makes up the three islands of the Komodo National Park. The islands sit in a narrow channel that runs between the Indonesian islands of Sumbawa and Flores.

To get to Komodo you will need to take a boat from Flores, a neighbouring island. The best way to get to Flores is to fly from London to Bali and then hire a private charter to Flores.

I had tried to plan the whole adventure myself. But, it became a logistical nightmare and more of a gap year than a family-friendly holiday. So, I wanted to find an Indonesian travel adventure holiday package — one that would work for the whole family. I looked online for private charter adventure holidays and I am so glad I did.

Adventure holiday packages come in all shapes and sizes. From budget to luxury, inclusive to exclusive. Travelling with children is tough even at the best of times, but having a pre-planned itinerary made our adventure holiday so much more enjoyable.

Our luxury Indonesian adventure to Komodo turned out to be the most relaxing, enjoyable break from reality I have ever experienced.

Which are the best places to stay during a trip to Komodo with children?

While researching and planning my family adventure to Komodo, I was surprised by the number of sights and activities we could all enjoy together. With this in mind, I decided to look at a kind of island-hopping adventure that was a little more up-market. I wanted it to be comfortable and feel like a holiday but still enjoyable for the children.

I stumbled upon a perfect luxury adventure holiday package. It included a 7-night stay on a luxury 5-star yacht cruising around the islands. The luxury yacht was well placed in our travel schedule and was as beautiful as the location.

Spending time as a family on the yacht in the Komodo National Park was an incredible experience. I can’t imagine how our stay in Komodo could have been any better. We cruised between the islands — dining with the sun setting in the background and waking up to the sound of waves hitting the shoreline.

Staying on a luxury yacht was the best decision I made. It was safe for our children. There wasn’t anyone around we weren't familiar with. We had a crew to look out for us while we were sleeping, our belongings were well looked after and dinner was sourced and cooked for us.

Komodo is not unsafe, but there are plenty of insects and wildlife on the island, which also include a few thousand Komodo dragons. So, being onboard a luxurious yacht was the best place to be for the family, especially children.

What are the activities that children can enjoy doing in Komodo?

The activities we participated in during our adventure holiday were enjoyable for both our children and us. The best thing about being on a yacht was that, every morning, we started the day on the sea watching the sunrise. Both my children loved looking over the side of the boat to see what they could spot in the water. And, most of the time, they were entertained by something they had seen from the boat.

We made a lot of stops on our journey around the islands. The most memorable activities and places we visited were:

Moyo Island and Mata Jitu Waterfall, Komodo

On the approach to Moyo island, the boys spotted wild buffaloes enjoying themselves on the beach. When we landed on the shore, we took a walk through the jungle. It was like a family exploration into the unknown. After a short hike, we eventually had views of the Mata Jitu waterfall. What a sight it was! The children enjoyed the exploration part of our visit to the island, they even had the opportunity to sit on palm trees overhanging the sea on one of the beaches where they relaxed together whilst planning their next adventure.

Snorkelling with children in Komodo

We went snorkelling a lot. There are thousands of species of fish and coral reefs around the Komodo Islands. For the children, watching sea turtles, colourful fishes and bobbing around all day in the sea was heavenly. Snorkelling and swimming in the sea was a great way for all of us to cool off, especially after hiking in the sun!

How To Plan A Trip To Komodo Island With Your Kids

Shark-spotting with children in Komodo

Being on the yacht gave us plenty of opportunities to see huge manta rays, sea turtles and the extremely rare whale shark. Watching whale sharks in their natural habitat was an incredible experience that we will never forget.

Komodo island: Walking with Komodo dragons

Komodo island is the reason we came on this adventure in the first place. It’s the biggest island inside the Komodo National Park. We took a smaller boat from our yacht over to the island and all we wanted to see was a Komodo dragon! After around 15 minutes of walking in the park, following our guide, we spotted our first Komodo dragon.

The staff in the park were armed with sticks to tackle the huge Komodo dragons. Although it seemed ridiculous, but for some reason, I trusted them. The staff did tell us a few horror stories before we set out, but they reassured us they only had to use their sticks twice. To us, the Komodo dragons seemed lazy and not at all interested in doing much. Maybe they had already eaten before we arrived!

Overall, seeing the Komodo dragons was a wonderful experience and taking the children made the adventure a fantastic experience for all of us. We felt so out of touch with reality it was like being in a different world.

Can children get close to the Komodo dragons?

This is the question that kept popping up whilst sailing around Komodo National Park and one which was answered by our guides on the island. In theory, you can’t go and sit with a Komodo dragon because it may choose to eat you. But, in reality, you do actually get really close to them. In fact, you literally end up walking amongst them. And all this feels like a safer-than-expected version of Jurassic Park.

My children were old enough to understand this (aged 7 and 11) but 18 months ago, I think my younger child would have either been extremely upset about not being able to get any closer or presumed he could stroke them. So be warned!

How To Plan A Trip To Komodo Island With Your Kids

I was sad when our adventure around the islands came to an end. It was an experience that I am glad we all got to share together. We got to see so much, thanks to our Indonesian adventure holiday. We will always have something to talk about when reflecting on the wonderful time we had.

About the author:

Written by Katie Brown on 3 March 2020

Katie Brown is a freelance travel writer and content creator currently living in Portsmouth, England. Katie travelled the world as a digital nomad between 2012 to 2019 exploring new places and writing about them for travel agencies, blogs and tourist boards. She has written content for many niches and also writes for businesses and charitable organisations around the globe. She now owns a content marketing agency in Portsmouth called Add Some Content and a blog and article writing company called Content Writing Services UK Ltd.

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