How To Make Restaurant Style Dishes At Home

Dine in style at home with these restaurant-style dishes, right from your kitchen. Starters to desserts, find them here!

By Kerina De Floras  • 8 min read

How To Make Restaurant Style Dishes At Home
“Good food is like music you can taste, colour you can smell. There is excellence around you. You need to only be aware to stop and savour it” 
– Remy, from the movie Ratatouille

For those of you who missed the famous culinary movie, Ratatouille, Remy is a city mouse who is fascinated by the famous Chef Gusteau and dreams to cook. He believes in Gusteau’s ‘Anyone can cook!’ theory and goes on to become a chef with his friend, Linguini’s help. Remy is an example of how putting your heart and soul into cooking for the people you love, brings amazing results.

This lockdown has taught us exactly that. It has seen us go from surviving on instant food to cooking full course meals. It is now time to go a step further and add a feather to your cap, by whipping up your family’s favourite dishes – restaurant style! Sounds difficult? Well, we are here to convince you that if ‘Anyone can cook!’, so can you. You will soon be surprising your family with home made, tasty butter garlic naan, crispy cajun-spiced potatoes and more. Watch these easy recipe videos and cook up a storm, right at home!

Cajun-spiced potatoes

Love potatoes? Turn them into this crowd pleaser. This popular starter is crunchy, spicy and tangy – a complete package to start your meal on the right note. Pop in a spoonful and experience a burst of flavours in your mouth. Pure bliss!

Chole Bhature

This never gets old. From childhood to now, you have always relished this dish at a night out with family. Who doesn’t love the sight of an oversized puri at their table? Besides, the joy of munching down mouthfuls of slightly crisp, slightly soft puri with rich, well-seasoned chana masala is worth the wait. Watch this video and ace this much-desired combination!

Gobi Manchurian

Surprise your kids with this all-time favourite. A little sweet and a little tangy, this gooey goodness will make for a lip-smacking lunch or dinner. Pair with fried rice or roti and make the gravy the hero of the meal. Try this simple recipe and use any vegetable of your choice as you improve.

Butter Garlic Naan

What if you can make crispy, buttery naan without an oven? Well, you can – on your tawa! This video features a unique technique to help you do just that – no oven or tandoor required. Steer away from the usual roti or rice route and turn towards this yummy, soft alternative!

Paneer Butter Masala

Tried your hand at this dish, but did not manage to get the consistency like at restaurants? This recipe is all about making paneer butter masala that is extra rich and creamy. Indulge in this classic dish and treat your taste buds to this sweet, tantalising gravy.

Pasta in white sauce

This one is straight from Italy – perfectly-cooked pasta in exotic and gooey, white sauce. The perfect velvety smooth texture of the sauce with a hint of flavour from the vegetables, will serve as the perfect comfort food when you sit down for your cosy movie nights. Your kids are bound to love this more than the one they order in. So, it’s time to cook some pasta and win over the family!

Mixed Veg Kofta

This is a great way to make your kids eat their veggies and enjoy them too. Yummy kofta balls, fried to perfection, dipped in a delectable, smooth and savoury gravy made from onions and yogurt. Makes your mouth water just thinking about it, right? Try it now! Add your own assortment of vegetables and watch your family hog them down in no time.

Kerala Parotta

You love parotta but worried about the excess oil used at restaurants? Make layered, soft and flaky parottas which melt in your mouth, right at home! This video shows two methods to get the right shape for the parotta, and to get the perfect layers. Pick one method and the parottas will look and taste like they are straight from a restaurant in Kerala. Make a great gravy to go with this and your family will be talking about this all weekend!

Chocolate Mousse

Is dessert something you always look forward to? Treat your taste buds to this rich, creamy chocolate mousse. This recipe gives you the perfect mousse in under 15 minutes, and with just two ingredients! Whip up this light yet soulful dessert for your family and end your meal on a ‘sweet’ note.

Bread Halwa

This dessert also popularly called as Double ka meetha, is a staple at most Indian weddings. Pieces of bread fried in ghee, tossed with khoya and spices to make your mouth explode with flavour! Its melt-in-the-mouth texture and sweetness will take you on a trip down history to Old Hyderabad, where this dessert originated. A feast for a king is not complete without this on the menu!

Bring restaurant style dining home with these easy recipes. Try your hand at each dish and add your own twist to it too! In no time you will be a master chef at whipping up your family’s favourite dine-out orders and more. Weekends will now have more excited oohs and aahs, and showers of compliments. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking! 

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Written by Kerina De Floras on 25 June, 2020.  

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