How To Make Handwashing Fun

Although handwashing is the simplest way to prevent your child from falling sick, it is not easy to get your child into this ‘good habit’. How can you make the ‘activity’ fun? Find out.

By Kalyani Krishna

One rainy September morning, eight-year-old Akhil is busy playing in the slush in the garden near his house. He loves jumping in muddy puddles, cuddling his pet and splashing dirt all around. Like any other boy his age, Akhil loves indulging in little mischievous acts. No problem with that. But, soon after he finishes the ‘muddy musings’, the real problem starts. Despite his mother cautioning him more than once, he refuses to wash his hands. The next morning, Akhil suffers a severe bout of diarrhea and vomiting. The doctor finds a strong presence of bacteria in his gut, which can be treated only with a good dose of antibiotics. And this isn’t the first time for Akhil. He is known to fall sick often. Akhil could’ve saved all the trouble by simply washing his hands properly before eating!

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