How To Make A Dream Catcher At Home

It is believed that if you gift a dream catcher to someone, you care about that person’s well-being and peace of mind. Learn the story behind dream catchers and also how to make one at home

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How To Make A Dream Catcher At Home
A dream catcher may be small but it catches all the positivity in this world -anonymous  

In uncertain times like these, we all need a little bit of sunshine in our lives. You must have seen these colourful hoops with a woven net and feathers hanging in souvenir shops. These handmade hoops are known as dream catchers. These pretty-looking hoops are the latest fad in gifting and home décor. But these cute things are more than just a piece of art. Read on to know more about it!

What are dream catchers?

Dream catchers are decorative pieces that are said to bring positivity and hope into our lives. Dream catchers are supposed to catch all your good dreams and block out the negative ones. Now, isn’t it wonderful?

A dream catcher is a totem of Native American culture. However, over the years its popularity spread far and wide. Now, it is increasingly used as a symbol of positive vibes across the world. Believed to be a protective symbol, dream catchers are gaining in popularity as a gifting option. Popular belief has it that if you gift one to someone, you care for that person's well-being and mental peace. Some even consider dream catchers as lucky charms.

These days, dream catchers are made from various materials and come in different sizes. However, traditionally, dream catchers were made from natural products and were small in size.

A traditional dream catcher is made from a small wooden hoop and covered with a web of natural fibre or sinews. These are then decorated with sacred hanging beads and feathers. The hoop is generally made from red willow branch. Leather is used commonly to cover the hoop. In some tribes, even natural sinews are used to wrap the hoop. The catchers are made such that eight points of the net or web attach to the hoop.

How To Make A Dream Catcher At Home

History and origin of dream catchers

Dream catchers originated among the Native Americans tribes. The tribe Ojibwes are said to be the original creators of dream catchers. However, other native tribes like Lakota also have their own dream catchers. In their native language, they call it asabikeshiinh, which means ‘spider’ as the net inside the hoop looks like a spider’s web.

The native Americans also associate the origin of dream catchers with the story of a matriarch who used to watch over the children of the tribe. As the tribe grew, she was not able to look after all the children, so she created dream catchers to protect the little ones from bad dreams. Since then, it has become a tradition of sorts for mothers and grandmothers to make dream catchers to be hung near the bed of newborns and toddlers to ward off negative energy.

Legend behind dream catchers

There are several stories around dream catchers. Legend has it that if you hang a dream catcher above your bed, it will catch all your dreams. And when the first rays of the sun touch the dream catcher, it will take away all the bad dreams, leaving only the good ones behind in your memory.

According to another legend, it is said that bad dreams slip through the gaps in the dream catcher and go out of the window, while the good dreams are caught in the net and through the feathers and beads attached to it, send back to your mind.

Some also believe that dream catchers represent good energy and drive away the negative ones. So, it does not matter if you do not believe in the dream catching powers of the hoop, you can still have one for positive energy!

Protector of children

Legend has it that dream catchers act as protectors of children. It is believed that if you hang a dream catcher above your children’s beds, they will not have nightmares as all the negative dreams will be caught in the spider-like web of the dream catchers.

If you are planing to make a dream catcher or buy one, do remember that ideally the colour of dream catchers should be blue and white as these colours symbolize hope and purity. Dream catchers are also said to bring in good sleep.

Here, we have curated five DYI video tutorials that you can follow to make a dream catcher 






Whatever your belief is, creating a dream catcher of your own was fun, wasn’t it? Do share your experience of making a dream catcher at home with us.

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