How To Know If My Child Is Autistic

This World Autism Day, we look at the most crucial element in treating autism – early detection. How can a parent know if his seemingly normal child is autistic? An expert perspective coming your way

By Team ParentCircle

Latha and Ravi have two sons – five-year-old Naveen and three-year-old Nitin. When Naveen was a toddler, Latha and Ravi saw him engage with toys, gestures, games, songs and everything under the sky. But, when it came to Nitin, there was hardly an interest in any of the activities mentioned. Initially, Latha and Ravi were under the impression that Nitin was a ‘reserved little boy’ and probably the exact opposite of Naveen in nature. But, with days passing and no improvement in Nitin's behaviour, a worried Latha decided to seek help.She met a developmental specialist, who confirmed Nitin was autistic. Unfortunately, Latha used the ‘wait and watch’ approach, which is now hurting her. If only she had sought help immediately after the initial signs, Nitin would have responded to treatment much faster, since an infant’s brain enjoys remarkable plasticity.

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