How to help your teen handle Exam Anxiety

Most students feel anxious while taking an exam, but some are more likely to suffer from exam anxiety than others. Read on to know how can you help your teen calm those exam nerves.

By Dr Meghna Singhal

How to help your teen handle Exam Anxiety
We received several calls last week with one common question – How do I handle my child’s exam anxiety (and mine too)? One of India’s best researchers on the subject, with Ph.D. in psychology from our very own NIMHANS and a post-doctorate from Australia, comes up with exclusive insights and special tips on the subject. Find out why it is very important for you to help your child handle exam anxiety for the best outcomes during the exam season. Bonus – we are giving you 2 downloadable posters that you can print and put up in your child’s room. Watch the exam anxiety fly away in no time. All you need to do is to sign up now for free and enjoy these benefits! Here are the steps for a quick sign-up.

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