How To Have A Safe #FamiliDiwali

In our series on first aid tips, this month, we tell you how you should handle minor burns. Diwali’s here and it’s just the right time to know what to do in case of a burn injury.

By Team ParentCircle

It’s Diwali and Mohan’s ‘home sweet home’ is buzzing with festivities. As the fireworks light up the sky, Mohan stands beside his seven-year-old son Ravi, who is playing with sparklers. Meanwhile, his 13-year-old daughter Mayura lights a flowerpot and quickly runs back to join them. As she approaches them, Ravi holds out his hand to his sister in excitement, without realising he is holding a just-extinguished sparkler. Mayura accidentally touches the sparkler and immediately screams in pain. The hot sparkler burns a small portion of skin on Mayura’s palm. Instead of responding with first aid, Mohan stands there clueless.

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