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How To Handle Your ‘Angry Bird’ Teen?

Teen years are filled with intense emotions, mood swings and anger outbursts. This 'World Mental Health Day' (October 10), let’s find out how you can be the calming pillar of support for your teen.

By Jasmine Kaur

During the teen years, your child’s body is rapidly changing, and her brain is being remodelled. It is a time when your teen is creating her own identity. It is also a time of exploration, experimentation and novelty-seeking; a time filled with intense emotional fluctuations. Peer pressure, peer relationships and a deep concern about her future only adds to the emotional stress. Your teen looks to you for guidance and support as she navigates this period of intense emotions and chaos. If you give her the space and connect in the right manner, you both can enjoy this beautiful period of growth and development. But sometimes, your teen’s confrontational responses can drive you away from being the supportive parent you want to be. So, if you have been reacting with anger, and are looking for some help to respond thoughtfully, this discussion is just for you.

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