How to Celebrate Your Child's Birthday Without Having a Party

The same balloons, buntings and sweet treats can get boring - why not ditch the party for your child’s birthday and do something different this time? We give you some interesting ideas

By Aditi Sheoran  • 7 min read

How to Celebrate Your Child's Birthday Without Having a Party

When your little one’s birthday is around the corner and she is waiting eagerly to celebrate her special day, you will be probably be wondering how it can be made more special than the last one. This is a tough one to crack if you and your child are bored with the usual birthday party format. Sometimes, both parents and children need a break from following the same trend of having a party and want to do something out of the ordinary.

There are a lot of interesting ways to make the child feel special on her birthday. Read on to uncover some offbeat ideas for celebrating your kid’s next birthday and make lasting memories

1. Put on your hiking shoes 

What can be better than spending the birthday in the lap of nature? Your child will love it if she is the adventurous kind. Cut a cake by the campfire in the wilderness and savour the memory for a lifetime. You can carry a pre-baked cake along, maybe a plum or a banana walnut cake would be best suited for the occasion. If some of her friends are allowed to travel along, even better! 

Age group: 12 - 16 years.

2. Give for a cause 

Select a cause that your child relates to and spend a couple of hours at an NGO involved in any volunteering activity. Spending time, effort and money on others will help your child experience the joy of giving. For example, if your child is fond of pets, it would be a great idea to visit a dog shelter and spend a relaxing day caring for the furry friends. You can also get a lot of information about animal welfare and the work the volunteers do there.

Ages: All.

3. Get your sporting caps on 

For an action-packed birthday, nothing can beat a friendly sporting event which your child and her friends can participate in. Select a team sport such as volleyball, football, basketball or cricket or anything that your kid enjoys. Decide on an outdoor venue and organise a match for the gang. Get other parents to participate in helping to conduct the game. You can also get a neutral referee for the match, to avoid bias.  

Ages: 6-12 years

4. Watch a performance 

If your children are in their pre-teens or teens, forget the usual kiddie movie and choose a theatre or a live music concert to go to instead. Plan in advance so you can get tickets for the show and ensure that the show is kid-friendly. It should not be too long or loud, and with adequate so that your child doesn't get bored. Follow this up with a cake-cutting at a café close by and the little one's day is made. Ages 12-16 years

5. Mingle with nature 

Organise a rendezvous to the zoo for your child and his close friends or visit a nature park/sanctuary. Check if these places have options for feeding the animals or for activities such as boating or fishing, as children usually love such activities. Spending the birthday outdoors is surely a refreshing change for family and friends.

Ages: 5-12 years

6. Explore your city 

One doesn’t need to travel too far to be an explorer. You could organise a city tour for your kid and his friends. These days most cities have theme-based walks and tours, such as a heritage walk or a food tour. Find out about such events in your city and make sure children are allowed. While enjoying, he will also get to know interesting facts about his city. Since it may involve some amount of walking, it is better suited for older children. 

Ages: 12-16 years 

7. Have a picnic 

Take baskets full of treats and munchies and head out to a quiet picnic spot. You can have an impromptu celebration there, including the cake-cutting. Now, this is different from the usual birthday party at home or in a restaurant, simply because it's out in a park where you can play a wide variety of energy-charged games. You would need to set a few rules at the start so the group sticks together. Even then, you would need to keep a constant head-count check to ensure kids don’t wander off.

Ages: 5-12 years

8. Plan a staycation 

Everyone loves a little quiet time in the lap of luxury. It would be an ideal gift for your child if you are not having a bash. When you do not have time for a longer holiday, plan ahead and get away to a resort or farm in your city for a staycation. Your child will like the relaxed time and the pampering. It will also be good for you to be stress-free, even if only for a day. Celebrate a quiet birthday with a cake-cutting.

Ages: All ages.  

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