How To Celebrate New Year At Home

New Year 2021 is around the corner but this New Year’s Eve is going to be different. Here is how you can welcome 2021 from the comfort and safety of your home without missing out on the fun.

By Leena Ghosh  • 7 min read

How To Celebrate New Year At Home

As we bid adieu to 2020 and the challenges of COVID, let us enter 2021 with hope and positivity. And, what better way to do that than to celebrate New Year at home spending some quality time with your family? Not only will this help you bond as a family, but it will also help you create some fond memories. Well, are you wondering how to spend this special bonding time? You can choose from this list of interesting New Year’s Eve activities for 31 December 2o2o.

How to celebrate New Year at home

From creating works of art to ‘cooking’ up a storm and sharing a good laugh over happy memories to simply watching the stars, here are a few things to do together as a family on New Year’s Eve 2021. As you watch the clock tick its way to 2021, look forward to the new year with your family around you and make it truly a special one.

Celebrating New Year with family

1. Make a handmade new year calendar: A personalised calendar based on your favorite themes or family pictures is not only unique but also special. Invite everyone to choose the month(s) they will be working on and get as creative as they want. You can also print the pictures or draw on coloured chart paper according to your theme, for each month. Put up the Happy New Year family calendar in the drawing room, where everyone can see it.

2. Picnic under the stars: If you have a little outdoor space or a balcony, then a picnic under the stars could be the perfect way to welcome 2021 as a family. After all, what could be better than enjoying some good food by the fire, under a blanket of stars? Set up a picnic on the terrace, and a bonfire, if it isn’t too much of a hazard. Bring warm blankets and stay up till midnight to start the new year with your family around you.

3. Celebrate food diversity: If you are a family of foodies, this one is for you. Welcome the new year, 2021, with a special food diversity-themed dinner. Draw up a menu that includes dishes from various regions in the country or even from different parts of the world. Once the menu is in place, cooking can again be a family activity with everyone chipping in. And, you can have a candle-light dinner at the stroke of 12.

4. Plant some hope: British horticulturalist Gertrude Jekyll once said, “The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” Once you plant a seed or a sapling, it’s the beginning of a journey that requires love, attention and a lot of patience. To see a tiny sapling grow into a flowering plant and eventually bear fruit is an exercise in hope and gratitude. Going green would be a great way to welcome the new year with your family.

5. Have a good laugh: Assemble in the drawing room and go on a memory trip, reminiscing about all the good moments of the year or even the funny little incidents. It’ll fill you with happiness and hope as you welcome 2021.

6. Write a special note: How about ending 2020 on a good note? On New Year’s Eve 2021, write special ‘You make me happy because…’ notes for everyone in the family. Whatever struggles you may have faced as a family or as an individual, the last day of the year is always a good time to reflect on what you have and what you are grateful for.

7. Celebrate a green cause: Whether you decide to start rainwater harvesting or become a plastic-free household, commit to the cause as a family and take the first step together on New Year’s Eve 2021.

8. Make 21 wishes: Get out the wish jar and tell your family to write out a few creative New Year wishes. Keep a few points in mind – the wishes should be easy to execute, not be too expensive and must be done together as a family. A wish can be as simple as ‘a group hug’ or a ‘drawing competition’. Decide as a family when you want to make these wishes come true in the coming year.

9. Hunt for treasure: Kids love a good game of treasure hunt. And, to make things more interesting, you can tweak the game according to a theme. Encourage your child to figure out the clues in a ‘five senses treasure hunt’. In this game, your child has to find all the hidden clues and put them together to reveal a special message from you.

10. Decorate the house: This is a fun way to engage your child creatively and welcome the new year with your kid. Give her a pair of scissors, some glue, some coloured paper, streamers, sparkles and stickers and let her imagination go wild. Chip in if she needs your help and put up the decorations when she’s done. Take lots of pictures to remember this special day.

11. Set up a photo booth: Are your children a little sad that they couldn’t have their summer vacation by the beach this year? Well, you can bring the beach home! Create a photo booth in the corner of a room or in the balcony with posters, some artificial sand and seashells. Get out the beach outfits and sunglasses and take lots of pictures. It may be a little tiring to clean up after the shoot, but it’ll be worth all the laughter and the happy memories. Remember, you can choose whatever theme you and your child want.

12. Have a sweet start: Throw a special midnight new year party for kids this year with something sweet. You and your child can together make a batch or two of his favorite cookie. Let him participate actively and don’t be afraid of a little mess. Enjoy the party. Both of you have earned it.

13. Light up the new year: Gather all the materials you require to make candles beforehand and spend some time in candle-making. Plan the activity ahead of time, so the candles are ready to be lit by midnight. Ring in the new year with some light, love and hope.

14. Come up with a new year tradition: In Spain, people eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight. Each grape is a symbol of luck for the next 12 months. In Greece, people hang onions outside their door to bring in some luck. Ask your kids to come up with a new year tradition for your family. Or you can draw inspiration from a unique tradition from another state or country and this can become your new family tradition. Whatever the next year brings, you’ll always have a great story for your New Year’s Eve.

15. Play midnight musical chairs: Start the game five minutes before midnight (vary the minutes according to the number of members in the family). Hit the buzzer with each passing minute. The last adult or child sitting at the stroke of midnight gets to decide where the family will travel for their first vacation after the COVID situation eases in 2021.

16. Give the first of 21 gifts: Gift each other something special and unique. Remember, this is the first of 21 gifts that you will line up for the year. The gift can be anything from a personalised diary to spending time playing a board game. It can even be a candid photo placed in a handmade photo frame.

17. Watch a new year special movie: There are many children’s movies based on New Year. Pick one your child is bound to love and remember, and watch it together.

18. Make a time capsule: This is a unique activity for your child to reflect on the year that went by – his favorite things and favorite moments. Make a few ‘this is my favorite’ cards and ask him to fill in the blanks. Also, put in a few cards about his idea of his future, like who he wants to be, or which superhero he wants to meet. Take a picture of him and put it all in a special box and lock it away to open after five years.

The famous American baseball player, Leon Brown, once said, “It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you.” So, let the power of positivity and courage be the driving force in your life, and love and hope your gifts. A happy New Year to you and your family!

About the author:

Written by Leena Ghosh on 31 December 2020.

The author is a journalist, writer, editor and the mother of a spirited young girl. In between juggling the roles of being a full-time cheerleader for her daughter, a thorough professional and a part time chef, she dreams of finishing the first page of her unwritten book.

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