How Does Climate Change Affect Asthma?

According to WHO, asthma is the most common, chronic disease that affects children. Does the rapid climate change the world is seeing, make the situation worse for children with asthma? Take a look.

By Divya Sainathan

Asthma has no cure, but it can be treated. Children suffering from asthma can lead a normal life by avoiding triggers, being aware of their symptoms, and keeping medicines handy. However, research indicates that heat, rainfall and air quality can come together in devastating ways to trigger and aggravate asthma. With climate change and deteriorating air quality, parents today are a concerned lot. The recent bushfires in Australia set off alarm bells and even led the National Asthma Council of Australia to come up with a special advisory for asthma patients. So then, the million-dollar question is 'Does asthma worsen due to climate change and what is the level of preparedness needed to tackle asthma in today’s world?' We provide a complete perspective in this article.

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