DIY Christmas Décor You Can Do With Your Kids

Deck your home with DIY Christmas decorations, handmade by your child with love. From fake snow to 3D Christmas trees, here is everything you can make, right at home!

By Kerina De Floras  • 8 min read

DIY Christmas Décor You Can Do With Your Kids
Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
'Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la
See the blazing Yule before us,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Strike the harp and join the chorus.
Fa la la la la, la la la la

Yes, the much awaited holiday season is here, and it is indeed time to start decking up the halls! The jolly good season of Christmas is associated with a lot of things—the start of winter, the holidays, the last month of the year, preparations for the new year, delicious food—everything that brings joy into our homes. It is an exciting time for kids as they step into their holidays. However, that also means you need to come up with ideas to keep them engaged. What if we told you that you could keep the kids occupied and spruce up your home at the same time?

This Christmas, decorate your home your way! Yes, you heard us right. You can customize all the decorations with the help of your little elves. We have ransacked the internet to find simple, DIY Christmas ornaments and décor that you can make as a family. From simple paper stars to detailed 3D shadow boxes, there are various types of décor to try. Check the difficulty level and decide if adult supervision is required; if not, let your little one’s hands work their magic on their own. Give these videos a try and you are sure to thank us later for keeping your kids busy and creative while you turn your house into a Christmas wonderland.

Christmas shadow box

Difficulty Level: Medium

Turn your evenings at home magical with this easy-to-do 3D-shadow box. You can set this up in your living room or even in your kid’s bedroom. This will make a great addition to the room and add more oomph to your décor. To make it more Christmassy, add Santa Claus or a nativity scene. You can also use a cut out of your kid’s photo in the background to make it more unique. Follow the step-by-step process shown by Rob from the popular kids tv show, ‘MAD’ to make a beautiful shadow box.

Paper stars

Difficulty Level: Easy

Making a paper star as shown here is so easy that your child can do it by himself. Watch, fold and repeat as demonstrated in this video to make as many stars as possible for your Christmas tree or stick them on your walls. Use different colored papers and try making them with different materials like felt paper or chart paper to add variety. You can even have a contest and see who makes the most number of stars in a minute.

Simple Christmas wreath

Difficulty Level: Easy

Want to add a wreath on your front door but have no time to go shopping? You can ask your child to make this simple wreath and display it proudly at home. Help your child with cutting the base and leaves and watch as the beautiful wreath unfolds. You can urge your child to decorate the wreath as she wishes—add a paper candle, stick a few baubles or candy canes or any other ornament—to make it look more appealing. Make wreaths of different colors and sizes and place them on all your doors to add a special Christmas effect.

Christmas tree

Difficulty Level: Medium

Almost every child wants to make a mini Christmas tree when you say DIY. Here, we have not one, but four different ways to do so. Each tree looks unique and involves simple techniques—your child will love making these. What’s more, all the types of trees shown in this video are made from things you can find at home, so you don’t have to worry about having to buy supplies either. Try all four types and let your child choose his favourite to place in the living room or in a nativity scene.

Christmas baubles

Difficulty Level: Medium

No Christmas décor is complete without baubles. Baubles come in different forms—shiny, matte, glittery, reflective or simply solid. Either way, they make for great décor for your tree or wreaths. This method of making a Christmas bauble is quite simple, but involves a fair amount of cutting, so make sure you supervise your child or help him out with the cutting. Go crazy with the colors and experiment with different materials to add a wow factor to your décor.

Santa Claus doll

Difficulty Level: Easy

Santa Claus is coming to town! This easy DIY Santa will add a fun element to your Christmas décor. Made entirely with newspapers and plastic bottles, it is simple to do and looks stunning. Your child will have a fun time painting Santa’s suit and gift bag. If you are hosting a kids’ party at home, this will make for a great activity. Also try making smaller versions of the doll and use them as elves. Add a sleigh and reindeer and you have a scene straight out of the North Pole! Otherwise, just line them up on your shelf and showcase your child’s handiwork for the guests to see and admire.

Stable for nativity scene

Difficulty Level: Easy

Here is a fun way to uplift your nativity scene—add a stable. All you need to make this stable is cardboard, glue, paint and your little one’s help. Choose a stable suitable to the size of the figurines you have, and make sure at least some of them fit inside. You can make a rough sketch along with your child initially to decide how the stable must look and start by cutting out the cardboard accordingly. This may take time so make sure you do it on a weekend.

Instant fake snow

Difficulty Level: Easy

How do you make snow? With baking soda and hair conditioner! No, we are not joking. It is time to drop the cotton balls (they hardly convinced anyone as snow!) and make something which looks and feels like real snow. Add this ‘snow’ to your Christmas tree, sprinkle some in your nativity scene and even on wreaths and other ornaments to give a snowy day look. Do you want to build a snowman? Go ahead and help your child build as many as she wants.

Snow globe

Difficulty Level: Medium

Is it snowing? It will after you make this snow globe. Choose clear jars of any size and make sure the objects fit into the jars completely. You can also add your child’s favourite toys in the snow globe. If you are adding small thermocol balls to your snow globe, make sure to soak them in water for some time before adding them to the jar, as they may float on top otherwise. Choose different shapes of jars to make the snow globes look unique. You can also use water-resistant glue to stick the toys or objects on the lid instead of clay. Watch your child smile with glee every time she gives the snow globe a swirl. Now, that’s what we call finding joy in little things!

Angel ornament

Difficulty Level: Medium

This one takes a bit of expertise, so you might have to lend a hand to your child. Take some time off and sit with your child as she watches the angel take form. Ask her to choose the angel’s outfit, decorate the dress and add crowns, tiaras or halos. Place the angel on the top of your Christmas tree and watch your child show it off to everyone in the family with excitement. You can also make them in different sizes and stick them to the ceiling of your child’s bedroom so that she can look up and see angels watching over her.

Paper snowflakes

Difficulty Level: Medium

Creating a snowflake with your bare hands and a sheet of paper takes a lot of patience, but it will keep your child hooked. Follow the steps shown in the video to make beautiful snowflakes which you can hang in your living room. These will make your décor look more pleasing and match the season. You can also make smaller ones and use them as ornaments for your Christmas tree. Get creative and use silver paper to add depth and effect to the snowflakes. If your child is old enough, you can supervise him while he makes them. Either way, an afternoon of fun guaranteed.

Now that you have so many tricks up your sleeve, put your heads together and get planning on how to decorate your home this Christmas. While having fun also means getting a bit messy, don’t forget to help your child clean up later. May your décor shine bright like the happiness and love this season brings. Merry Christmas! 

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