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Hidden Sources Of Caffeine In Your Child’s Diet

Are you aware that your child unknowingly consumes caffeine every day? Our expert presents shocking statistics on foods that contain caffeine, and the impact it has on your child. Read on.

By Luke Coutinho

Radha and Sheela, neighbours and friends, are having a conversation about their teenage children. “My son lives on coffee. He has a glass of cold coffee once he returns from school every day. He insists on buying coffee ice cream when we go out. My husband and I find it very difficult to get him off his caffeine addiction,” says Sheela. Radha is surprised. “I do not let my daughter go near coffee. She has hot chocolate in the morning, cold chocolate milk in the evening and sometimes chocolate ice cream when we go out. She loves chocolate, which is perfectly fine but we’ll never let her drink coffee,” says Radha with pride.

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