Here We Go... A Recipe To Bond

Looking for means to enhance the family bonding time? Look no further than a day's outing. Presenting age-specific activities to help you do just that.

By Saikiran Krishnamoorthy

Bonding – remember the word? For sure you do. However, today’s fast-paced life has left us with little time to bond. Time to make amends. All you need is a day's outing to ‘bond’ with the best! When I was in school, city trips and picnics were something I always looked forward to. Although I was a part of many such outings, here's one that I'll remember forever. When I was in the sixth standard, my school had planned a visit to DakshinaChitra, the historic museum of living arts in Chennai. As fate would have it, I fell sick the day before the planned visit. I felt disappointed, but soon my sadness paved the way for immense joy. That’s because missing out on my class outing led to a memorable date with my family later. My parents entrusted me with the responsibility of planning and preparing for the trip. I still feel grateful to them for the faith they placed in me.

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