Here Are 10 Ways New Mothers Can Be Fit Again

Often, new mothers find it difficult to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle after becoming a parent. The responsibilities of parenthood take up most of their time. But, it is never too late

By Shubha Shetty  • 7 min read

Here Are 10 Ways New Mothers Can Be Fit Again

Roshini Arora, who gave birth to a son recently, is struggling to lose her weight. She has tried several methods such as cutting down on food, exercising every day for a few minutes, limiting her calorie intake but to no avail. One day, she meets her childhood friend, Amira, after years. Roshini shares her problem with Amira, who has a four-year-old son. Amira informs Roshini about the 10 steps process to losing baby weight and staying fit.

Roshini is one of the many new mothers who struggle to keep fit after giving birth. But, it is not an impossible task.

Know more about the 10 steps to becoming a fit parent by going through the below article.

1. It is never too late

Rather than forcibly trying to lose weight, new mothers should accept the present and work towards a fit future. It is never too late to start adopting a healthy lifestyle. One should not wistfully look at old pictures and wish to be that fit again as this is impossible. However, new mothers should realise that it is never too late to start.

2. It takes effort and hard work

Often, women gain a lot of weight after pregnancy due to several factors like thyroid and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). Rather than giving up, one should always understand that weight gain does not happen suddenly. Many times, it is due to neglecting exercise. One should work towards prioritizing health and losing weight but at the same time, understand it requires a lot of hard work and effort to achieve this.

The first few months of pregnancy are important. An expectant mother experiences anxiety, fear, and excitement. It is crucial that one takes extra precautions to avoid any untoward incident. Read the below article to know more.

3. Be creative

New mothers should learn to address food cravings in the right way. Ask questions like what exactly is the craving for? Could it be to seek emotional comfort due to an underlying unresolved issue and what would be the consequence? One can also rate the cravings on a scale of 1 to 10. If one feels justified to satisfy food cravings even after answering these questions, then one healthy way to tackle this would be to replace the craving with a healthier option. For e.g., replace a pizza base with a thin crust homemade roti topped with lots of vegetables.

4. Eat before you step out

One easy way to handle eating out, especially at get-togethers and parties, is to eat healthy before stepping out. This will ensure you will eat less compared to if you had not eaten before stepping out.

5. Maintain a shopping list

Always try to maintain a shopping list so that you end up buying exactly what you need and not whatever catches your fancy or according to your hunger cravings. A list also ensures you buy everything you need and don’t miss any important item.

6. Put yourself first!

Only if you are physically, mentally, emotionally fit will you be able to better handle your interpersonal relationships be it with your spouse, kids, boss, family members, etc.

7. List down the benefits

Make a list of the reasons why shedding excess weight is good for you. Anytime, you get deviated or lose motivation in your journey to the 'new' you, re-read the list and that should bring you on track.

8. Do not go for fad diets

While every diet may have its pros and cons, one should carefully choose a diet plan under the supervision of a good nutritionist to get the best results.

9. Choose the right exercise

Any form of exercise that you enjoy, helps you reach your goal and falls within the safety factor is good for you. Health issues that restrict you from doing an exercise needs to be medically approved.

10. Keep it simple

Lead a simple life internally. Let go of the emotional burden and stress. Work at your inner beauty. Confidence, forgiveness, being compassionate will work wonders for you!!

So say hi to your present self, love yourself first and let the journey begin!

The author is a celebrity fitness professional, a budding nutritionist, a writer, and a social work enthusiast.

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