Help! My Child Hates A Subject

When a maths genius discovers her child hates the subject, it was ‘painful’. How should she react and what can she do to rectify the problem? Read on to know more…

By Team ParentCircle

Meera finds a small note under her 11-year-old daughter’s pillow. Curious, she begins to read it. Dear piece of paper, I heard mum talking to pinni (aunt) over the phone about some bank exams. Please, oh, please let her not ask me to become a banker too. I hate banks, I hate numbers, I hate maths! Remember the time during the party when dad was mad at me because I counted the number of plates wrong twice? And the time when mum rolled her eyes because I filled up my fee challan with the wrong amount? Boo, it’s scary. Okay. I’m going to Mansi’s house now. Maybe we will chat about it as we do in our comic book. Psst… It’s a secret project we are working on. See ya, Saha

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